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Title Publication Date
Newspeak's Comeback and the Invincible Sincerity of America's Liberal Elite The American December 4, 2013
When Nudge Comes to Shove The American November 13, 2013
The Political Genius of Ted Cruz The American October 31, 2013
Sympathy for the Devil The American April 27, 2013
North Korea's Bluffing Blowhard The American April 6, 2013
Why Not Soak the Rich? The American March 6, 2013
Enlightened Conservatism The American February 18, 2013
Can the GOP Be Saved? The American January 30, 2013
What Does It Mean to Say That a Gun Law Is Tough? The American January 16, 2013
The Trouble with Conspiracy Theories The American January 12, 2013
Eric Hobsbawm, Eugene Genovese, and the End of History The American October 5, 2012
Stop Apologizing for Our Liberties The American September 26, 2012
Obama and Second Chances The American September 20, 2012
Thucydides in London The American August 9, 2012
"It's Not About Crime, It's About Values" The American July 12, 2012
Scalia's Wise Dissent The American July 5, 2012
Are Americans Too Dumb for Democracy? The American June 9, 2012
The Hayek Effect: The Political Consequences of Planned Austerity The American May 17, 2012
The Occupy Movement and the Communism of Everyday Life The American May 7, 2012
Science and the Republican Brain The American April 30, 2012
Why ObamaCare Has Proved a Hard Sell The American April 9, 2012
More than Just Broccoli The American March 28, 2012
Double Talk about Double Standards The American March 15, 2012
Is Iran a Rational Actor? The Weekly Standard March 13, 2012
Explaining the Santorum Surprise The American February 17, 2012
Tim Tebow and the Atheist's Dilemma January 20, 2012
The Spirit of Independence The American July 2, 2010
The Revolt Against Cronyism The American June 24, 2010
Extremism in the Defense of Rand Paul Is No Vice The American May 25, 2010
Weak Tea or Strong Tea? The American March 10, 2010
'Attention Must Be Paid...' The American February 19, 2010
Why We Still Argue About Darwin (And Why We Should) The American February 12, 2010
Speaking of Islam The Weekly Standard November 2, 2008
A Question of Religion TCS Daily January 22, 2008
Why We Are Still Arguing About Darwin TCS Daily January 10, 2008
Revisiting the Stupid Party TCS Daily December 27, 2007
What Are We Celebrating When We Celebrate Christmas? TCS Daily December 21, 2007
The Fear of Living Dangerously TCS Daily December 20, 2007
Handle Huckabee with Care TCS Daily December 18, 2007
Reflections on 'Blowback' TCS Daily December 12, 2007
How and Why Romney Bombed TCS Daily December 7, 2007
What Hayek Might Think About Chavez TCS Daily December 5, 2007
Giuliani: Reversion to the Mean? TCS Daily November 30, 2007
How Huck Can Win TCS Daily November 27, 2007
Why We Fear 'Fanatic': The Lesson of the Red Mosque TCS Daily July 12, 2007
Mad Scientists City Journal July 11, 2007
So, Did America Overreact to 9/11? TCS Daily February 15, 2007
Does the President Need to Be Commander-in-Chief? TCS Daily February 7, 2007
Hillary Clinton and the Politics of Resenting History TCS Daily January 30, 2007
Socrates or Muhammad? The Weekly Standard October 2, 2006
The Pen, the Sword and the Pontiff TCS Daily September 26, 2006
False Dawn? TCS Daily June 9, 2006
Criminalizing Economic Self-Interest TCS Daily May 16, 2006
Never Forgetting a Night to Remember TCS Daily May 11, 2006
Why Isn't Socialism Dead? TCS Daily May 5, 2006
'Oh, Say Can You Si?' TCS Daily May 2, 2006
ParĂ³ General! The Return of the General Strike TCS Daily May 1, 2006
The Metaphysics of Spring TCS Daily March 24, 2006
The Night I Became An American TCS Daily March 16, 2006
Russia ... An Honest Broker? TCS Daily March 13, 2006
Rhetoric and Withdrawal TCS Daily March 7, 2006
Russia and The End of History TCS Daily February 28, 2006
On the Brink; But of What? TCS Daily February 24, 2006
Any Port in This Storm TCS Daily February 22, 2006
The Father Without a Son TCS Daily February 20, 2006
The Most Important Nielsen Rating TCS Daily February 17, 2006
Misunderestimating Moktada al-Sadr TCS Daily February 15, 2006
Can't You Take a Joke? TCS Daily February 10, 2006
Classless Acts TCS Daily February 9, 2006
The New Iconoclasts TCS Daily February 8, 2006
Nuts with Nukes TCS Daily February 3, 2006
Rallying Cry Wolf TCS Daily February 2, 2006
The Surprise of History TCS Daily January 30, 2006
'If Nothing Else Remains of Humanity, Then Let This Be Our Monument...' TCS Daily January 27, 2006
A Truce, But Why? TCS Daily January 23, 2006
Mea Culpa TCS Daily January 20, 2006
Hillary Clinton and the 'White' House TCS Daily January 19, 2006
Misunderstanding Brokeback Mountain TCS Daily January 17, 2006
The West and the 'Hoax'ocaust TCS Daily January 6, 2006
My Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech TCS Daily December 27, 2005
The Ugliest Christmas Tree TCS Daily December 23, 2005
Hearing Beethoven in Tehran TCS Daily December 21, 2005
Socialism Reborn TCS Daily December 20, 2005
What To Do About Iraq TCS Daily December 15, 2005
A Tale of Two Moms TCS Daily December 12, 2005
The Matter with Kansas Can Be Understood at Woolworth's Tech Central Station September 23, 2005
The Iron Law of Oligarchy, Revisited Tech Central Station September 15, 2005
Katrina and the Political Waves Tech Central Station September 9, 2005
The State of Nature in New Orleans: What Hobbes Didn't Know Tech Central Station September 8, 2005
Rage and Reason Tech Central Station September 6, 2005
When the Moral Levee Breaks Tech Central Station September 1, 2005
Why 'Theology Is a Simple Muddle' Tech Central Station August 19, 2005
The Blood of Martyrs Tech Central Station August 16, 2005
Bush and Darwin Tech Central Station August 5, 2005
Iran's People's President Tech Central Station August 2, 2005
Do We All Worship the Same God? Tech Central Station July 29, 2005
War in Pieces: The Blood Feud Tech Central Station July 8, 2005
Who Separated Church and State? Tech Central Station July 1, 2005
Can a People Have Too Much Respect for the Law? Tech Central Station June 27, 2005
The Lost Boy Scout Tech Central Station June 24, 2005
A Tale of Two Prophets Tech Central Station June 23, 2005
The Inimitable Nation Tech Central Station June 13, 2005
Philistines at the Gate Tech Central Station June 1, 2005
The Future of Tradition Policy Review June-July 2005
Why the Runaway Bride Matters Tech Central Station May 27, 2005
Race, Immigration and the Problem of Hard Labor Tech Central Station May 24, 2005
"The Sun" Also Sets Tech Central Station May 23, 2005
The Problem Child Tech Central Station May 19, 2005
The Uzbek Dilemma Tech Central Station May 18, 2005
On Not Getting the Koran Tech Central Station May 12, 2005
On Bluffs and Nuclear Options Tech Central Station May 11, 2005
The Peculiar Institution: Understanding Why Palestinian Terror Is Different Tech Central Station February 28, 2005
A Contract with Iraq Tech Central Station February 15, 2005
The Greeks Had a Word for It: Hegemony vs. Empire Tech Central Station February 14, 2005
Keep Allawi at the Helm Tech Central Station February 9, 2005
The War of Images Tech Central Station May 13, 2004
9/11 Meets the Son of Election Crisis 2000 Tech Central Station May 3, 2004
Violence, Legitimacy, and the Terror War Tech Central Station April 29, 2004
Mob Mentality Tech Central Station April 28, 2004
Orientalism as Racism Tech Central Station April 8, 2004
Forgetfulness and Denial Tech Central Station April 6, 2004
The Lesson of Fallujah Tech Central Station April 2, 2004
Criticizing America Tech Central Station April 1, 2004
The Uses of Failure Tech Central Station March 29, 2004
A Modest Proposal to End the War on Terrorism Tech Central Station March 25, 2004
Did We Have It Coming? Tech Central Station March 23, 2004
Inviting the Vampire Tech Central Station March 19, 2004
Puppet States Tech Central Station March 17, 2004
A Greater Challenge? Tech Central Station March 12, 2004
Taking Silliness Seriously Tech Central Station March 12, 2004
Repressing 9-11 Tech Central Station March 8, 2004
The Meaning of the Unipolar Moment Tech Central Station March 5, 2004
Ten Reasons to Hate Sean Hannity Tech Central Station March 4, 2004
The Politics of the Gang Tech Central Station March 2, 2004
My "Bush-ite Cheerleading" Tech Central Station February 5, 2004
Independents' Say Tech Central Station February 2, 2004
Crisis Management Tech Central Station January 22, 2004
Providence and Al Gore Tech Central Station January 6, 2004
Honor and Shame: Who Needs Them? Tech Central Station December 31, 2003
Our Brave New World Tech Central Station December 29, 2003
Blaming Christmas Tech Central Station December 24, 2003
The Uses of Compassion Tech Central Station December 18, 2003
Had He "Done Nothing to Us"? Tech Central Station December 17, 2003
Thank God He's Alive Tech Central Station December 14, 2003
The Incoherent Dean Doctrine Tech Central Station December 12, 2003
Constructive Criticism Tech Central Station October 6, 2003
Profiles and Courage Tech Central Station October 1, 2003
The Un-Education of Lee Harris Tech Central Station September 26, 2003
War and Wishful Thinking Tech Central Station September 22, 2003
Against Neo-Carterism Tech Central Station September 17, 2003
Second Thoughts Tech Central Station September 11, 2003
Returning to the Central Question Tech Central Station September 9, 2003
Confronting Terrorist Gangs and Their Apologists Tech Central Station August 22, 2003
The Clausewitz Curse Tech Central Station July 31, 2003
Gangland Slaying Tech Central Station July 25, 2003
How We Called North Korea's Bluff Tech Central Station July 21, 2003
"Bring Back Saddam!" Tech Central Station July 17, 2003
History's Haunting Refrain Tech Central Station June 9, 2003
Right to Be Wrong Tech Central Station April 28, 2003
Howard's End Tech Central Station April 22, 2003
The Dangers of Forgetfulness Tech Central Station April 18, 2003
Bush's Blunder Tech Central Station April 15, 2003
Confronting the Myth Tech Central Station April 14, 2003
Just Ask Mohammed Tech Central Station April 8, 2003
American Lower Education Tech Central Station April 7, 2003
Beyond 'Us and Them' Tech Central Station April 1, 2003
The Cosmopolitan Illusion Policy Review April-May 2003
Pathological Agents Tech Central Station March 21, 2003
Madder Than MAD Tech Central Station March 19, 2003
Sundown's Question Tech Central Station March 17, 2003
Our World-Historical Gamble Tech Central Station March 11, 2003
Reconsidering Appeasement Tech Central Station March 6, 2003
Why Not Containment? Tech Central Station March 4, 2003
Speak No Evil Tech Central Station February 28, 2003
A Defense of the French Tech Central Station February 26, 2003
Good American Hypocrisy Tech Central Station February 24, 2003
How To Protest A War Tech Central Station February 20, 2003
The Genie's Curse Tech Central Station February 14, 2003
Failure and Fantasy Tech Central Station February 11, 2003
Taking the Terror Cult Seriously Tech Central Station February 7, 2003
Mr. Bush's War Tech Central Station February 5, 2003
Reason and the Omen Tech Central Station February 3, 2003
Simple Goodness Tech Central Station January 31, 2003
Pragmatic Pacifism Tech Central Station January 28, 2003
The Intellectual Origins of America-Bashing Policy Review December 2002
Al Qaeda's Fantasy Ideology Policy Review August-September 2002

Book Reviews

Book Title Publication Date
The Untold Story of Israel's Victims of Terrorism
by Giulio Meotti
The Weekly Standard February 28, 2011
The Truth About Syria
by Barry Rubin
Policy Review October-November 2007
The Cult of Pharmacology: How America Became the Worlds Most Troubled Drug Culture
by Richard DeGrandpre
The New Atlantis Summer 2007
Romancing Opiates: Pharmacological Lies and the Addiction Bureaucracy
by Theodore Dalrymple
The New Atlantis Summer 2007
The Legacy of Jihad Policy Review October-November 2006

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